A New Chapter.
30 August 2014

Hi there,

I'm not really good at saying goodbye. I usually go for the silent treatment and just leave, but I feel like I need to explain why I'm leaving more for myself than anyone.

I first joined tumblr way back in 2012 when I was a little 13 year old. My friend told me about tumblr so I decided to join and it's been the greatest 3 years of my life.

At the start, when I first joined, I was a massive One Direction fan and wanted my blog just to be all about them. I loved it, I had so much fun and made so many friends that I wish I could've met. Since then my love for One Direction has grown as well as finding new things to be obsessed about like Jack Harries. Later on 5 Seconds of Summer came along and my life was complete.

My teen years have been all about tumblr and being part of a family on here. But all good things come to an end. Coming into Year 10 in school, I've been busy getting thrown homework nearly every single day and exams both in the middle of the year and at the end. Tumblr has been a priority to me before but now it's the last thing I need to think about. I wish I could be more multitasking but unfortunately I'm not.

Also, lately I've been losing interest in what my blog is about. I still love One Direction and 5SOS and probably will until the day I die but I just don't want the rest of my teen years coped up in my bedroom. I'm turning 16 this year and even though I'm still young I really just want to be who I was before tumblr, which was going out and not being afraid of what people say about me.

Tumblr has taught me a lot, I probably wouldn't know a lot of things if I wasn't on here 24/7. But it has also lowered my self-esteem. I'm not the kind of girl who worried about how I looked or the way I dressed and I don't want to be. I love everthing tumblr has shown me and taught me through these last 3 years. But I think it's time for me to let myself learn things from life experiences rather then from other people's lives.

I probably won't come on until the end of the year. At the end of the year I will start reorganising my themes blog. It's something I love and I don't want to give up. I will be posting new themes as well so that means my pastebin will still be open! I will say hi everynow and then so it's not 100% goodbye.

Before I end this really long thing whatever you call this, I want to say thank you. Thank you to tumblr for existing. Thank you to the groups that I was lucky enough to spend time in. Thank you especially to The Circle, you guys are absolutely the most amazing people in the world. Thank you to everyone who I have talked to. I don't want to say specific names because you all are very special to me but you do know who you are. And thank you to all my 5k followers for following me and going on this little journey with me.

I hope you all stay happy and remember that I love you. I always say this to myself 'everything will be okay' and I promise you it will be.

-Becky xx

“There comes a time when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your own heart. So you'd better learn the sound of it. Otherwise you'll never understand what it's saying.” - Sarah Dessen

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